If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music. ~Gustav Mahler

FortePiano is a music and dance teaching studio in Montréal and the West Island, Québec, dedicated to quality, one-on-one music education for all ages. It is our belief that the arts are an integral part of our human experience and need to be taught in a structured manner in order to be fully appreciated.

Current research shows that the performing arts fulfill many roles. They enhance learning in many areas of our lives, give an opportunity for emotional and creative expression, and to set achievable goals that reward consistent effort and concentration.

The arts take time to be learned, but the fruits of those labours stay with us for life.

Music and dance give children and adults the opportunity to realize themselves as individuals and in collaboration with others. They allow them to be proficient at something that will stay with them for life. But lessons are not only about performing. Indeed, only a fraction of those who study music go on to play at a professional level. However, everyone who studies music and dance with any degree of patience and dedication gains the insight needed to appreciate them in a way that is more than -superficial; and this insight is something that will never disappear.
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