Summer is upon us, and between pool activities and camping we are continuing with the musical education. Very often we hear comments from parents that they lack time to commit with good attendance and even more  it is difficult to find any time at home for practice. By experience we know that there is hope. Did you know that even if you make your child to play piano or violin for only 30 minuets a day, at the end of the week your child could be pleased with the result. It all matters how you practice: concentrate on quality not quantity. Choose time and place that suits your child and you.  Don’t force it, rather focus on motivation. Try to avoid screens or any other activities beforehand. Avoid any intervention of  that special time that could be sacred with your instrument.  Start with positive attitude and be patient, remember – everything takes time. If it doesn’t sound well right away – don’t give up.  It is true that result could be different from expectation don’t be discouraged your self your child needs you to be supportive. Your reward is your happy child at the end.