Music Lessons


We offer individual, one-on-one lessons for children and adults of all ages. Our teaching philosophy stems from our background of practical music education in central Europe and North American music research and experience. Our teachers teach in both French and English (and some other languages).

The main components of our classes are:

DSC00275Bohumil and Mana age 4

Piano: Learning basic keyboard skills is essential for a sound grounding in the western musical system. It is also one of the easier instruments to master and provides great motivation.

Voice: Training the voice is a great way to teach performance skills, boost self-esteem, and provide a rich cultural background at a basic, human level. At a young age, voice training emphasizes folk songs and songs that make up our cultural fabric.

Violin: Classical, Suzuki, Jazz, Folk, and other styles with an emphasis on enjoyment from the beginning. Preparation for Royal Conservatory and other exams.

Guitar: Introduction to guitar, group or individual lessons, ukelele for the youngest players, many styles.

Recorder or Flute: Basic technique, breathing, note-reading, posture and position.