At what age should my child begin with lessons?

The earlier the better. Studies have shown that children display fewer inhibitions at an earlier age. This means that they are not as self-conscious when they are three or four than at six or seven. Of course, anyone can begin successfully at practically any age, but usually the most efficient is an early start. With the right program, most children can begin at three or four.

What instrument should my child play?

We recommend that children begin with a three-prong approach: learning to play a basic keyboard instrument (preferably piano), singing, and music theory through games and fun activities. Some instruments have a difficult initial phase (such as guitar or violin) and so are more of a chore for the very young student. The keyboard also gives a direct interaction with the notes and musical system and it is then very easy to pick up or switch to another instrument. Students who are a little bit older often have their own preferences and we adapt to their wishes.

How frequently should one take lessons?

As often as is practical, but not less frequently than once a week. Longer intervals mean more time to forget and more time spent on learning what has already been mastered.

Am I or my children required to participate in student concerts?

No one is forced to participate. However, one of the determining factors in success is motivation and student concerts provide great motivation as they give an avenue to show what one has accomplished as well as showing the work of other students of similar ages. They also give reference points in the course of the lessons and goals toward learning.